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dongle flashed and it worked fine. all the flash tool-ups from the manufacturer work well and they include software and drivers (as far as i know) potatohead: Is this a clean install of 16.04? yes potatohead: So far as I know that 15.10 is EOL. nwe releases are no longer supported. new* ok thanks, i was looking at 16.04 but could not figure out how to install without using cd potatohead: No issue, release-upgrades are a learning experience! i am trying to build a media server and probably will re-install ubuntu on it. i just was looking at the 14.04 live image and the idea of replacing the 15.10 with that. potatohead: All done with this release of ubuntu. i would like to use the dev version of ubuntu like some of the users here potatohead: you can't really 'upgrade' to 16.04 potatohead: Release updates are made to existing releases. and 16.04 is not yet released. potatohead: you can grab 16.04.1 or if you want bleeding edge run trusty-proposed and wait for SRUs potatohead: but you cannot run a development release (as of now) of 16.04 in production, sorry oh ok i am just looking for a media server on ubuntu potatohead: The release notes and release documentation tells you what to expect. see: ok thanks Hey guys, I'm having some problems with my default sound output. I have 2 sound cards, my motherboard has a NVIDIA HDMI card and a Realtek ALC269 card. When I go into settings, I can see the NVIDIA card as the main card, but it seems like the system is picking

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